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My name is Carolina Levinton – I’m an Argentine industrial designer, ceramist, and painter. I’ve always been passionate about creating objects that land into others’ homes.


My first exposure to design started in architecture, where I co-patented a system of lightweight slabs filled with plastic spheres. Since that original design, these disks have multiplied by millions, filling the structures of buildings worldwide. @prenovaglobal

Later in 2013, I co-founded the design start-up SUD @holasud. SUD, based in Argentina, designs and manufactures ceramic objects. SUD participated in landmark events, such as Maison et Objet (Paris 2014), New York Now (New York 2015 and 2016), Wanted Design (New York 2016), ICFF (Miami 2018). In 2015, SUD was selected by the city of Buenos Aires as the single firm to represent Argentine design in Graz (Austria). In 2016, SUD was awarded the Fondo Nacional de las Artes (FNA). SUD was distinguished with the Sello de Diseño in two occasions.































In 2017, I co-founded LópezLevinton together with the artist Mara Riviello López. In this joint initiative, we bring fictions and iconic characters, typically from the childhood, to life in the form of carefully modeled pieces in porcelain. @lopezlevinton


















Impermanence as an aesthetic ideal


In this parallel and new journey, now based in Barcelona, I design and produce handmade ceramic pieces. Each item in the online store is unique! Moreover, they embrace imperfections and randomness in the creative process. I truly believe, in the spirit of the wabisabiesque tradition, that the user is who completes the product experience.


In the online shop there are also oil, acrylic, or watercolor paintings. Some of these paintings have been featured in Context Miami 2016, Context Miami 2017, and in art galleries in Miami and Buenos Aires.


There is a beautiful phrase in Japanese, which translates into 'being here-heart-place-good'. I hope this art can take us there.


Below you can find some pictures and videos of the unpredictable, yet wonderful, working process.

Casa Sud 014.jpg
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